Social Media Round Up

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Social Media Round Up

Typically social media refers to an online platform that allows people to post information that can be shared and commented on by others. Popular platforms used by adults are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Candidates will tend to use Twitter and Facebook the most during the election.

With the current pandemic, candidate will be utilizing and leaning on social media more than in previous campaigns. If you haven’t used social media before or used it very little, it can be hard to navigate. Even those that participate on a regular basis can be turned off by the drudgery of putting it all together.

Keeping track of all the social media posts from all of the eight candidates in the two electoral districts in the Kamloops area can be a bit of a chore. You would need to track down each candidates account on each of the platforms. Even if you’re already using these platforms you know that there’s no easy way to see just what you want. Social media is actually designed not to display what you want. These platforms make money by displaying what they want you to see.

You could follow all of the candidates on Twitter. That’s not all that hard and to make it a little easier I created a list for you. Just click that link and you can follow the list that includes all eight candidates in one fell swoop.

If you want to take that one step further and include all Facebook posts along with all Twitter posts, you’re in luck. You can view all social media posts from all candidates that have a Facebook Page or Twitter account on one page. Take a look at the Kamloops Voter Social Stream page to see all posts in an easy to read format.

In addition to the one page at a glance social media extravaganza, each candidate now has their social media posts included on their profile page.

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