Kamloops Voter Website for the 2020 Provincial Election Officially Launched

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Kamloops Voter Website for the 2020 Provincial Election Officially Launched

With an election happening in the middle of a pandemic, we are not able to have a large group of people in one room for a public all-candidates forum. Other methods of communicating with candidates and getting the candidates answers to the issues are even more important now.

Kamloops Voter has created an online forum that has many of the features of a regular in person forum. There’s also some features and additions that are only possible by using an online platform

With a regular forum, voters are stand at a microphone and ask a question of the candidates. With Kamloops Voter, questions are written and submitted allowing people to take their time crafting their question. The website also offers the benefit of filtering all questions before they are posted. By filtering questions and requiring a verified user account we ensure that the conversation is constructive and positive.

Candidates can view all the questions that have been approved by the website administration and choose to answer as they see fit. This allows candidates to offer the best responses possible without being put on the spot.

Voters encouraged to view and ask questions, create endorsements for candidates that they support, participate in surveys, and vote better informed.

The Kamloops Voter website is free to use by all and is also ad free. We do require that people wanting to use the interactive features create a free account to help cut down on abuse.


Create a free account on the election website and you’ll be able to access all website features. Ask candidates questions, write endorsements, participate in surveys, etc


View full profiles of all candidates with contact information and answers to questions that they choose to answer.


If you’d like to see what’s been done in the past, take a look at the website created for the 2018 Kamloops municipal election located at https://2018civic.kamloopsvoter.ca/

There’s also an information only website located at https://kamloopsvoter.ca helping to keep the people of Kamloops informed on our three levels of government.

For other local events and information, take a look at https://kamloops.me.

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