When and Where to Vote in the 2020 Provincial Election in BC

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When and Where to Vote in the 2020 Provincial Election in BC

I hope that you’ve picked on the fact that there a provincial election going on. It’s very important that you vote so you’ll need to know where to vote, how to vote, and when to vote. With the help of this website, you’ll also be able to vote informed. No matter who you vote for, please put in a little bit of time to learn about the candidates. Read questions, ask questions, and see if the values of the candidate line up with your own.

Do I Need to be Registered to Vote?

Even though voter registration is closed, you can still vote if you haven’t registered. You can register or update your info when you vote in person or by mail. You will need to provide ID when you register or photocopies of acceptable ID of you’re voting by mail.

How to Vote

You can either vote by mail or vote in person. If you’re concerned about the current pandemic or are considered to be at risk, please either vote by mail or take all precautions if you need to vote in person.

Vote by Mail

If you choose to vote by mail, you will need to request your voting package. You can request an email voting package from This Website or by calling Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683. You should request your vote by mail package by October 17th. After 8:00 pm on October 17th you will not be able to request the vote by mail package. Your package must be received by Elections BC before Saturday October 24th by 8:00 pm.

Vote in Person

If you’re going to vote in person, please remember to observe all safety precautions. Learn More on the Elections BC website.

You will need identification to prove who you are. Please visit the Vote ID Page on the Elections BC website for details information about acceptable ID options.

When to Vote

If you’re voting by mail, do it now. If you’re voting in person you can do so on General Voting Day, or on one of the Advance Voting Days.

Vote by Mail

If you’re voting by mail and you’ve already received your vote by mail package, send it it. You package must be received by October 24th at 8:00 pm. Please make sure you mail it early so it’s received before the deadline.

Advance Voting

You can vote in before General Voting day from Thursday October 15th to Wednesday October 21st.

You can also vote at a district electoral office from now until Saturday October 24th at 4:00 pm

General Voting Day

The official General Voting Day is October 24th. Voting will be from 8:00 am in the morning to 8:00 pm in the evening.

Where to Vote

Finding out where to vote if you’re going to vote in person is both fun and easy.

You can use the Elections BC Voting Places map to find the appropriate voting location near you. You can find the map at https://wheretovote.elections.bc.ca/

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