All The Candidate News Links For You

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All The Candidate News Links For You

Getting candidate news can be daunting.

Who has the time to go to every local news website and go over every post to see what’s going on with the Kamloops candidates in the upcoming provincial election? Apparently I do.

There’s several new media websites in Kamloops and each one of them has varying degrees of coverage for the election. Some of the local sites have all related posts viewable from a single page. Unfortunately the norm seems to be sites with navigation resembling a barrel of mess.

Keeping informed by the local media can be a chore that will turn off many voters because of the time involved in getting the smallest nugget of information on a single candidate.

I’ve added a new page with links to all candidate news. All of the posts for all eight of the Kamloops candidates. This covers both the Kamloops-North Thompson and Kamloops-South Thompson ridings from the local media.

You can find the new page at: or from the navigation menu, go to Info, then External links.

All of the links are arranged by the media outlet as well as the candidate. As an added bonus I also added the links for each candidate on their profile page.

If you would like to see all social media posts from the candidates, you can view the Social Stream Page on Kamloops Voter. The social media posts from each candidate are also on each candidate’s profile page.

With these two pages, you’ll be up to date with all of the candidates. Both local news media posts and social media posts are now at your fingertips. You’ll save time and get a better understanding of who you should be voting for.

If there’s any other features that will help your vote better informed, please let me know.


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