Wendy J

Oct 12, 2020 at 4:51 pm

Wendy J asks the Kamloops-North Thompson, Kamloops-South Thompson Candidates

What are your thoughts on ICBC? Should we shut it down entirely? Should we try to lower rates? What's the plan!

Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas

As you know, the BC Liberals used ICBC as a personal ATM for their wealthy friends. The NDP knows that public auto insurance can--if properly managed--bring benefits to all drivers, particularly young drivers who are often at the mercy of private insurers and have to pay far too much for their premiums.
Here are the commitments of the NDP:
Making car insurance more affordable:
By moving ICBC to a new enhanced care model, we will reduce premiums by an average of 20 percent, while increasing the care available for people who are seriously injured in accidents.
• Delivering a fair deal to BC drivers:
Provide COVID-19 premium rebates to BC drivers from any surplus ICBC delivers during the pandemic.