Darryl Schmidt Asks:

What are your plans to increase affordable housing if any?

In Kamloops, the BC NDP have invested over $9M to build affordable housing for seniors, persons with disabilities, indigenous elders & youth and people with mental health issues. We've also enhanced rental subsidy benefits for low-income families and seniors by increasing the maximum rent ceilings.

After housing prices skyrocketed under the BC Liberals, John Horgan brought in a speculation tax. Now, 11,000 previously empty condos are being used for long-term rentals. After the BC Liberals let rents increase beyond the cost of living, John capped rent hikes at inflation. Saving renters over $300 on average. When the pandemic hit, he banned evictions and stopped rent increases.

The BC NDP has made progress, but there are still a lot of people struggling. We need to keep helping them. That’s why the BC NDP is committed to extended the rent freeze until the end of 2021 and passing legislation to cap increases at inflation after that. We will also provide a renter’s rebate of $400 a year for households earning up to $80,000 a year.

These commitments will help renters get through the pandemic and put more money back in their pockets as we build an economic recovery for everyone.